Our bamboo rods are fashioned to appeal to the discerning, practical fisherman who requires a high-quality bamboo rod at a reasonable price. We feel that our rods fit this description. Using only superior blanks and hardware, and incorporating exceptional workmanship, we build our bamboo fly rods to favorably compare with the performance of higher-priced rods. The bamboo fly rods are custom made by Jim Mills—crafted from superior quality Tonkin cane blanks. The blanks are handcrafted by highly trained artisans who carefully fashion each one. The blanks are carefully inspected at each stage of the process to ensure that they meet exacting standards.

Bamboo Fly Rods For Sale

The rods pictured on the right are for sale and serve as examples. Click on the photos to see additional information. The rods are for sale, but may not meet your specific demands in terms of length, reel seats, guides, etc. If you do not see the rod you are looking for, feel free to contact us about the rod you desire; we will be happy to construct one for you.

Each rod is constructed with top-of-the-line components; all parts are new, never used. Only choice parts are selected, and careful attention to detail is taken in every step of the rod-making process. Customer satisfaction is important, and we work hard to ensure that our bamboo rods meet our customer's expectations.

Blanks: Each bamboo blank is carefully selected and inspected to ensure straightness, spaced nodes, adherence to tapers, weights, and absence of glue lines. Each bamboo blank is cut to specifications, carefully varnished with several coats of a marine spar varnish, and hand-polished to a silky smooth finish. The rods ship with 2 tips.

Bamboo Fly Rods For Sale
Granger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod Leonard-Catskill Taper  Bamboo Fly Rod
Granger Taper Leonard Catskill Taper
Thomas Taper Bamboo Fly Rod Winston Taper Bamboo Fly Rod
F. E. Thomas Taper
Winston Taper

Ferrules: All ferrules are made from nickel silver and are individually fitted to the bamboo rod blank, ensuring a tight fit with a pronounced pop when taken apart.

Reel Seats: Reel seats are constructed of stainless steel, titanium, brass, nickel silver, or they are nickel plated or gold plated. Reel seats are inlaid with assorted varieties and colors of hardwoods, including imported woods. Reel seats may be uplocking or downlocking. Hand-turned, original reelseats are also available.

Handles: Handles are made of high-quality Portuguese cork. Handles are available in different shapes and different lengths, though 7 1/2" is typical. Each bamboo rod is usually outfitted with a nickel silver butt wind. Butt guides may be mildrum, agate, or agatine.

Rod Guides: Each bamboo rod will have a nickel silver or stainless steel hook keeper. The rod guides are fashioned of stainless steel or titanium and are wrapped in superior 00 silk threads. Guide wraps are finished with marine spar varnish. Most of our bamboo rods are built to mirror the color of silk wraps used by the old master rodbuilders; however, wraps may be individualized to fit clients' color and design preferences.

Rod Case and Sock: Each bamboo rod ships with a sock and aluminum rod case with care instructions.

Personalization: Rods may be personalized with the fisherman's name or other information as size permits.

Rod customization is encouraged. Contact us, and let us build a one-of-a-kind fly rod for you.