Jim Mills takes pride in restoring bamboo rods and bringing them "back to life. Many of the rods he restores are crooked, dirty, or have missing eyes; some have been left in old barns, basements, or attics and exhibit the wear of years of neglect. Some may be very valuable while others just have sentimental value. He works with the owners of the rods and restores the rods according to the wishes.

Restored Fly Rods For Sale
Restored Governor Bamboo Fly Rod Montague Restored Bamboo Fly Rod
Restored Governor Restored Montague
Sport King Restored Bamboo Fly Rod Restored Generic Bamboo Fly Rod
Restored Sport King Restored Unknown

Some rods are restored to a similar state of original purchase, with silk wraps close to the same color as the original; original guides and ferrules are used, when possible. He uses this type of restoration on what he calls "wall hanger" rods—rods that clients wish to hang on their walls or those the clients have a special affinity for such as a family heirloom. For other rods, he concentrates on making the rods "more fishable." For these he brings the rods up to current standards, adding new reel seats and handles, light-weight eyes and possibly additional eyes. The guides are rewrapped or replaced and ferrules replaced as needed.

On the side are some pictures of rods that he has restored. These rods are for sale and are in great fishable condition. Click on each rod to see additional pictures and information. Even though a bamboo rod is old, if properly restored it probably has many years of fishing left in it If you are interested in having your vintage bamboo rod restored, contact Jim by email or by phone so he can discuss what you would like to have done.